A Trilogy of Hidden Treasures by Monica Furlong

A Trilogy of Hidden Treasures by Monica Furlong

Step aside Chronicles of Narnia, here’s a delightful magical series for all ages to enjoy!.

I discovered Wise Child by chance in the children’s’ section of my local bookstore when I was in my early 20s, looking for new books to recommend to the class of seventh graders I taught. Intrigued by the title, I purchase the novel and proceeded to inhale its contents during what remained of the day. When I finished the book, I immediately returned to its opening pages– it’s that good.

It’s a tale of an unwanted child who finds her true home and a woman who finds strength in living on the edges and in between. Underneath it all is nature magic.

My excitement could not be contained when I discovered the book’s prequel a few years later, Juniper. And I had to wait many years for the final book’s release, which wraps up the storylines of the characters beautifully: Colman.

I even named my own daughter after the title character of the second book.

Book 1–Wise Child
In a remote Scottish village, nine-year-old Wise Child is taken in by Juniper, a healer and sorceress. Then Wise Child’s mother, Maeve, a black witch, reappears. In choosing between Maeve and Juniper, Wise Child discovers the extent of her supernatural powers—and her true loyalties.

Book 2–Juniper (prequel to Wise Child)
Though Juniper enjoys the easy life of a medieval princess, she chooses to learn about herbs, healing, and the magic within nature from her strange and difficult godmother. As her training comes to an end, Juniper discovers that her power-hungry aunt is using black magic to seize the throne. Juniper must use her as-yet-untested powers to stop her—before the kingdom is destroyed!

Book 3–Colman
Set in very early Christian times, Colman is a spellbinding fantasy of a faraway age, when the mystical and the commonplace walked hand in hand. The healer, Juniper, and her apprentice, Wise Child, are accused of witchcraft and forced to flee their small town. Wise Child’s devoted cousin, Colman, escapes with them. This is his story of their arrival to the land of Juniper’s birth, where she is, in fact, a princess.

Muchier Scale: 10 out of 10.

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