One last poem…and least for a time…

I misplaced my humanity for a time.
I recognized the illusion of ego,
but lost Myself.
I still bore my name,
but the identity attached to the label
began to disappear.
My name was no longer a noun
(neither Proper nor common)
I turned inside out
blossoming a verb,
phoenixing a state of being.
I became an action,
Myself-ing all the while.
In searching for the spiritual,
I lost touch with the material.
Chocolate tasted chalky.
Sunsets lost their spice.
Clouds seemed to transitory…
This world offered little attraction.
I found I couldn’t communicate
the experience of Myself-ing
in words.
I couldn’t write what seemed like empty shells.
I lost my personal expression
for there was little personalty to express.
Even my emotions were distant
(once so all-important)
As I worked to expand consciousness,
I became aware of my own chosen oblivion.
In discovering the unity of all,
I lost my own zest.
In loving everything and everyone
I mislaid distinction.
In single-minded search for truth,
I missed perspective.
But this discovery was in itself illusory,
For I am Human.
My satisfied contentment
existed outside of tangible experience.
I found my humanity in my frailty
when I rediscovered the long lost tears
Welling up from deep inside
the compassion
the cleansing
that had been set aside
in my search for something…


And with each salt drop
came a world of the Self
I had set aside…

…in the search for beyond.

Beyond the Self
through the cosmos within
The black hole swallowed
A verb who believed she was a noun
But out of the Void…

…Danced a full sentence.

–by Rose Guildenstern

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