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Narnia for Adults: Legends of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler

Narnia for Adults: Legends of Muirwood by Jeff Wheeler

If you love the interweaving of faith and fantasy, this series is for you!

To read the reviews of this series on Amazon, you might be confused. Most people love it. A few really, really (and I mean really) don’t. The ultimate dividing line is a little word that packs a wallop for some folks: Religion.

Now, if you read and enjoyed the Chronicles of Narnia series or the Out of the Silent Planet space trilogy by C.S. Lewis (either because you agree with the basic Christian worldview presented therein or you don’t really care what the worldview is so long as you enjoy the story and the writing), you will adore this fantasy trilogy.

However, if you find the concept of the intertwining of religion with magic in a fantasy world puke-worthy distasteful, so much so that you simply cannot enjoy any series with these sorts of religious undertones, you should probably stay away.

I personally love reading a great story with engaging characters within a well-constructed fantasy world, regardless of what its basic thematic elements suggest. It doesn’t matter to me if it the world has Islamic, Christian, Buddhist, Occult, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, or any other worldview beneath its images and themes, if it is well-executed I will probably love reading it. I regularly read FAR outside my ideological and ethical comfort zones, and with good reason: I always find myself richer for my own expanded worldview as a result of immersing myself in a well-written alien one.

It’s like traveling in a foreign land without ever leaving my armchair.

The first book of the Muirwood series–The Wretched of Muirwood–centers around our protagonist Lia, a marginalized girl deemed a “wretched” outcast and doomed to a life of servitude because of her low societal status. But when she chooses to hide a dangerous wounded man, she embarks upon a much more dangerous journey into a world that she didn’t know existed beside her own familiar one. Of course, along the way she discovers she’s so much more than what she believed.

That’s right, Legends of Muirwood gives an original twist to the classic coming of age fantasy tales beloved by so many, such as The Prydain Chronicles (of The Black Cauldron Disney cartoon fame) by Lloyd Alexander and The Deed of Paksenarrion by Elizabeth Moon (which honestly, if you haven’t read you truly must read. I will probably need to write a review of this series at some point in the future).

Judge for yourself if Legends of Muirwood is to be your bane or your boon, and choose the appropriate Muchier Scale.

Muchier Scale if Faith is your Bane: 3 out of 10.  

Muchier Scale if Faith is your Boon: 7 out of 10.

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