Iago's Penumbra

New Novel by Rose Guildenstern

When Vee dies of cancer at seventeen and begins her afterlife, it’s nothing like what she expected. First, she falls in love with a boy named Val. The only problem is, Val’s a clairvoyant who’s still alive. Then there’s his uncle, a Baptist minister who thinks that Val is either communing with evil spirits or crazy. And what about Val’s ex-girlfriend, Julie, who will stop at nothing to get him back? Finally, there’s poor Peter—Val’s best friend—who’s caught somewhere between the devil and Shakespeare.

But Vee and Val are oblivious of their bigger problem, the demon Iago. Trapped for over 300 years in a family heirloom that Val gave Julie last Christmas, Iago hatches a wicked plan to escape its corporeal cage and ensure it will never be imprisoned again. And Iago’s scheme hinges on the ghost girl Vee. Even more troubling is Iago’s horrific Master from ages past that chases the demon, threatening to destroy not only Iago, but the four star-crossed lovers and the entire world as well.

Why isn't love ever easy?

Just as The Graveyard Book reimagined Kipling’s The Jungle Book and The Golden Compass rewrote Milton’s Paradise Lost, William Shakespeare’s favorite themes and plot devices are intertwined in Iago’s Penumbra to create a modern treatise on love and beyond—with a little philosophy, physics, and H.P. Lovecraft thrown in, just for fun.

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