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Once Upon A Quirky Christmas Books

Once Upon A Quirky Christmas Books

Love a little quirk to your Christmas celebrations? Then you’ll love these three odd Christmas-themed novels.

I love Christmas–well, most of it. I can’t say I enjoy the rampant commercialization or bankruptcy-level buying that grabs so many like a mania, but the general good cheer…the decorating and the gatherings…the charity and giving…the shorter days and spiritual reflection…these give me hope that humanity just might make it.

Over the years I’ve found three novels that include the perfect combination of Christmas and oddball to satisfy the quirkiest of tastes. So, if you like Christmas, humor, and good writing, purchase these books, pull up a chair next to a warm fire with your favorite cuppa, and enjoy some modern winter’s tales.

The Coal Elf by Maria DeVivo

The Coal Elf features a teenage elf protagonist with an attitude, Ember Skye by name. Her unsavory job? She’s the only female coal-mining elf at the North Pole. For Santa, who’s more like a mafia boss than a jolly nice guy. When the “Naughty List” ends up in her lap, her indignant world gets much, much darker (and infinitely more interesting).

This all might sound a bit superficial to you, but trust me: this novel confronts some very dark themes about the power systems in our societies and who’s really running things amidst what we believe to be real.

Muchier Scale: 6 out of 10.


Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

If you don’t know Terry Pratchett, you don’t know laugh-out-loud humor that leaves you thinking for…well, years. In the fantasy world (that sarcastically parallels our own, of course) of Discworld, instead of Father Christmas delivering gifts to children every winter, there is the Hogfather, a darker (and much funnier) version. Now he’s vanished, and the myths that underlie the fabric of existence in Discworld are unraveling. Death himself must deliver presents in the Hogfather’s place to buy time while Susan, his precocious granddaughter, figures out what happened to the jolly fat dude before the Discworld disappears…forever.

Muchier Scale: 9 out of 10.


The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

It’s the night before Christmas, and seven-year Joshua Barker needs a miracle. He’s just seen Santa get killed with a shovel. So, he desperately prays that Santa will come back from the dead.

Archangel Raziel hears his prayer and decides to grant his Christmas miracle.

But what do we all know happens in a horror story when someone is brought back from the dead?

Undead chaos, of course. With Christmas on top.

Muchier Scale: 6 out of 10.

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