The Question of Angels: Penryn & the End of Days Cycle

The Question of Angels: Penryn & the End of Days Cycle

What would happen if the Angels returned to herald the Apocalypse, but it all went horribly awry?

Penryn is a 17-year-old teen living in California whose life is anything but perfect. First, there’s her paranoid schizophrenic mother and her wheelchair-bound younger sister, Paige. Then, there’s the end of the world as the angels return to begin the Apocalypse. But when the humans unexpectedly fight back and kill the mouthpiece of the Lord, the angel Gabriel, things begin to get interesting.

An angel kidnaps Paige when Penryn, against her better judgment, saves an angel from a group of other angels who cut off his wings. Now Penryn must try to rescue her baby sister with her crazy mother, using the unwilling intel of a broken angel in tow.

Beginning with a fascinating story question and only building from there, Penryn is a strong female protagonist whose voice is love-worthy. Susan Ee completes her story in three books: Angelfall, World After, and End of Days. Even though I personally don’t like books about angels, this compelling storyline and wonderful utilization of real Biblical ideas twisted in a fresh and engaging way kept me mesmerized until the trilogy’s satisfying conclusion.

Muchier Scale: 8 out of 10

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