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After subscribing to my monthly emailed newsletter, you'll be redirected to Iago's Arcana, a one-of-a-kind oracular engine comprised of 3 divinatory delights:

  1. Poetic Arcana: View, read, and/or download 22 original poems written especially for my readers, each exploring a different card of the Major Arcana. You're also offered the option of having Iago choose a prophetic poem for you.
  2. Draw Your Card: Ask your question and have Iago draw your card in answer using the standalone Iago’s Penumbra Tarot, a new 22-card tarot deck featuring the characters, main environments, and literary themes of Iago’s Penumbra as they correlate to the Major Arcana of the Tarot, created especially for readers of Iago's Penumbra: A Metaphysical Novel.
  3. Quote of the Day: Consult the wisdom of Iago's Penumbra: A Metaphysical Novel itself via Bibliomancy.

Once a month (and only once a month), you'll receive an honest, thought-provoking (and generally a bit disturbing) message on the edge of eerie and enlightening to inspire you as we craft lives worth living...together. Your email will only be used for the monthly newsletter and never be given or sold to anyone else.

Join us...if you dare.

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