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New from Rose Guildenstern

Iago's Penumbra

by Rose Guildenstern

Everybody loves a good ghost story, and poor dead Vee is stuck upstage in the heavens of her own afterlife. She can peek in on Val, who’s “downstage” with the living but haunted by ghosts. Then there is Julie, stubbornly stage left but longing to be downstage with Val. And finally, Peter, solitary in his stage-rightness, but with the sneaking suspicion he just might be dead wrong. Trapped at center stage is the demon Iago, who is willing to bridge heaven and hell to exit this cursed performance once and for all.Just as Good Omens revamped the book of Revelation and His Dark Materials reimagined Milton’s Paradise LostIago’s Penumbra is a modern love story about the darkness that redeems us, rooted in the works of William Shakespeare—with a little philosophy, physics, and cosmic horror thrown in, just for fun.


Read the 1st Chapter of Iago's Penumbra HERE!

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