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Praise for Iago’s Penumbra

Early Endorsements...

"Iago’s Penumbra is the most unusual book I’ve ever read. From the beginning line, 'My death was a catharsis, rather than a calamity,' I was hooked. Rose Guildenstern has created a bewitching novel, which caused me to experience such intense thoughts and feelings, I had to take breaks at times, to internalize the depth of the questions posed. Thinking about humanity in such a penetrating fashion while reading was new to me. Considering the forces of good and evil, the enrapturing pain of love and loss, I was captivated, not only by the story, but at the depth of emotion it triggered in me. If you are looking for a novel that delves into the complexities of humanity, both in our physical and spiritual beings, you will both love and at times be disturbed by this story. We all seek redemption from our agony, long to love again even after devastating heartbreak, and continually search for answers to the overwhelming questions which plague us during our lifetimes. This book provided me with much-needed enlightening, and I thoroughly appreciated and loved reading my first metaphysical novel. 

"Rose Guildenstern has written a startling debut novel of heart and intrigue, along with a magical world you'll want to inhabit, even if it's just for a short while."

--Claudia Whitsitt, author of the Love and Loss Series, the Kids Like You Series, the Samantha Series, and The Wrong Guy


"Iago's Penumbra takes you on an unforgettable journey through the shadows while weaving an exquisite tale of love, life, and the afterlife. Guildenstern's writing has the rhythm and depth of a musical ocean with tides of longing, joy, sorrow, and the inevitable. A deeply satisfying and thought-provoking tale that everyone needs to read."

--Monica Bodirsky, The Shadowland Tarot


“One of the most unusual books I have read in recent years. To begin with, most of the characters are dead right from the start, thus allowing an exploration of life after death, the Otherworld, and all points between. In what is part love story; part metaphysical exploration of loss, desire, and wisdom; part occult novel, the author has created an original and at times deeply unsettling account of what it means to be human, what it means to lose humanity, and what it means to discover something beyond the physical, time-bound world in which we live. Rose Guildenstern is an exciting new voice that we will most certainly be hearing from again.”

--John Matthews, Taliesin the Last Celtic Shaman


Iago’s Penumbra is a rare piece of dark magic leaving you spellbound until the last luscious page.”

--Sasha Graham, Dark Wood Tarot


“I don’t think it would be possible to expect anything quite so entirely creative, clever, and consuming, full of surprises, romance, drama and, of course, magic. . . . No doubt Will himself would be proud.”

--Emily Carding, So Potent Art: The Magic of Shakespeare


"An adventure through time and space. Engaging, enchanting, original and provocative."

--Monte Farber & Amy Zerner


More Reviews...

Shakespeare would be proud!

"In the myth of St. George and the dragon, St. George has to face the fearsome terror of the dragon who is guarding the cave, but by facing and overcoming that darkness, he is rewarded with treasure and the beautiful princess. This metaphorical myth shows the rewards that await those brave enough to overcome their fear and embrace the darkness. Rose Guildenstern's rich and original debut Iago's Penumbra takes this metaphor to new levels in a modern love story about how the darkness holds the power to redeem us."
--Matthew J. Pallamary - Author of Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters
A captivating romance and so much more.
"I'm generally not drawn to romance books, but this one intrigued me. Much to my delight, the story is both compelling and like all great fiction, believable. It explores the artificial barriers that we as humans construct between our physical, mental, and spiritual selves and weaves a unique voyage between a love story and a quest for personal truth. I was particularly enchanted by the growth of the characters, the unusual plot twists, and ultimately the unexpectedly compassionate conclusion of the saga. I highly recommend this book. Also, I hope that the author, Rose Guildenstern, plans to write other books that are this thought-provoking and enjoyable."
--Pamela Steele
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