Is There Such a Thing as a Just War?

Using The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness and Frame This Oracle

Is there such a thing as a just war? I find myself returning to this question again and again as I view what’s happening in Ukraine right now.

What do you think? Not only about Putin’s War, but about war in general…

Is there ever such a thing as a just war?

I know in the movie First Knight, King Arthur famously proclaimed–

“There’s a peace only to be found on the other side of war. If that war should come I will fight it!”

–but do you agree with this sentiment?

To help us consider all sides of this question, I’ve pulled the Twos of each tarot suit for a few reasons:

  1. Twos are all about the themes of duality and connection, thus revealing a pause between two choices or even the attempt to do two things at once.
  2. Twos are connected to the High Priestess (the 2 of the Major Arcana), and thus reveal hidden, mysterious, and/or latent power and motives.
  3. In The Healing Tarot, each Two depicts a world figure representing key elemental forces.
  4. Twos ask us to consider what happens when two separate entities come together (or clash).

Also, in numerology, the Number 2 is the number of partnerships and the choices we make in partnership. Twos ask us which direction we want to take and what players will be involved.

The Twos of The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness by Juno Lucina & Monica Knighton

I did not pull a specific card for Ukraine in this situation, as they are the attacked rather than the aggressor in Putin’s War. This war would not be happening if not for Putin/Russia, so although they are very much involved, I do not view Ukraine as the cause, just or not.

When consulting the Minor Arcana, I also like to consider the astrological correlation for each Minor Arcana card in correspondence with the Major Arcana cards the combination astrologically brings together.

For example, the 2 of Cups is Venus in Cancer, thus The Empress coupled with The Chariot.

In addition, I realized this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how to deepen a reading with my new deck-in-process, Frame This Oracle.

**Please Note: The actual oracle card frames for Frame This Oracle are in the process of illustration. The mock-ups presented in this reading are my own inartistic practical dummies that I’m using for informational purposes only.**

Initially, I drew four cards from The Healing Tarot and then further focused my reading by drawing one oracle card to augment and clarify each tarot card.

The Twos of War:

For the USA—2 of Cups: Venus (The Empress) in Cancer (The Chariot):


2 of Cups meaning: Harmonious relationships and reconciliation. Expansion of the group.

For the USA, it’s all about connection and feelings and prosperity. The Love Frame indicates the leaders of the USA want stability, abundance, and an interconnected world with them at the center of human flourishing.

For Europe—2 of Swords: Moon (The High Priestess) in Libra (Justice):


2 of Swords meaning: Peace restored; temporary resolution but underlying causes not healed.

The Stop Frame warns that Europe wants to keep the peace and needs to reexamine a decision they’ve made or a conclusion they’ve reached that’s no longer serving them. Things have changed, and now they want to stop the impetus of this change, but they are missing something vital in the way they’ve ordered their present reality.

For Russia—2 of Pentacles: Jupiter (Wheel of Fortune) in Capricorn (The Devil)

Successful Change (Jupiter is in Fall in Capricorn)

2 of Pentacles meaning: You will win (even if you don’t deserve it); triumph for the body at the expense of the spirit.

The Watcher Frame tells us that the Russian leaders believe Russia has been a Watcher on the world stage for far too long—they wish to return to their former greatness as a major world power, and are making their move.

For China—2 of Wands: Mars (The Tower) in Aries (The Emperor)

Aggressive Conquest (Mars rules Aries)

2 of Wands meaning: Take charge, wavering and second-guessing will bring failure–the others will follow you.

The Guardians Frame reveals that the Chinese leaders view themselves as the Guardians of this war, the current world order, and their nation. They aim to keep the playing field even as they believe their viewpoint to be the only truly rational one about this conflict.

Considering all of this and what the Twos and Frame This Oracle have to say, what do you think? Is this war in Ukraine just? Are the viewpoints and motivations for these nations and their involvement just?  Is there such a thing as a just war?


New Health Program: Yes or No?

Using The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness and Frame This Oracle

Prior to our world’s covidization, I made some life-altering changes in my health: I lost 70 pounds, had a breast reduction, and started running as a regular practice. As you can imagine, this changed my physical existence profoundly: how I nurtured myself, how others perceived me, how I felt in my body, my longevity, my physical comfort and energy, my mental clarity, etc. Everything about my spirit’s incarnation and movement through space and time was transformed. Even after the physical renovations were complete, of course, the mental, emotional, and spiritual changes beneath the surface continued, and still continue today.

Post covidization, my emphasis on physical health and wellness has metamorphosed into a focus on what feeds and nurtures my soul. Although a thinner and more active body undeniably better supports my embodiment, there are many more aspects to abundance than these realizations. As a result, my own daily habits are in flux as I expand my focus beyond eating and movement to a much broader holistic health trajectory.

A new health program presented itself to me recently, and I found myself tempted to join but also felt quite conflicted internally. I realized this is the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how I utilize The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness in my own life, as well as expand the tarot reading with my new deck-in-process, Frame This Oracle.

**Please Note: The actual oracle card frames for Frame This Oracle are in the process of illustration. The mock-ups presented in this reading are my own inartistic practical dummies that I’m using for informational purposes only.**

For this reading, I initially drew two tarot cards, and then further focused my reading by drawing one oracle card to augment and clarify each tarot card.

First Card: Joining the new health program

The Magician—I will find this new program mentally stimulating and satisfying. I adore research and new information, and this program will afford me many opportunities to learn new things. However, I also have the tendency to lose myself in thought and my own head to the detriment of physical reality and manifestation—a weakness of the Magician card. The Magician proposes my trickster mind that constantly longs for the rush of the new and exciting would get exactly what it seeks in this new program. This program will demand a considerable act of will for me, and may help me make some connections that I’m not making on my own, but since the Magician is the master illusionist this card also warns that this program is purporting itself to be much more than it actually is. Add that the Magician also points to things of short duration, and this implies that I won’t stick with this new program very long. I’d be better off stilling my body, quieting my mind, and witnessing what is rather than starting something new.


Second Card: Staying the course on my current health trajectory

Queen of Cups—First and foremost, the Queen of Cups recommends that I should remain passive until all is aligned and my inner knowing is sure before acting. This card also suggests that everything I need for healing is already within me, in the process of becoming. The path I’m on is an emotional, spiritual, and soulful seeking of wellness, and I should listen to my gut and intuitive feminine wisdom right now. This Queen is the born psychic, poet, and mystic of the tarot deck, and my focus should be on lovingly caring for my physical body as the vessel for the development of these spiritual gifts within my life. On a personal note, the Queen is the Avenger archetype, and I have found myself quite frustrated with the alterations in my wellness regime because of Covid—this card tells me I will find greater healing if I release these grudges and adapt to my new reality (like water) rather than trying to force myself to return to what once was and is now gone forever. Lastly, the Queen of Cups in The Healing Tarot focuses on the breasts, gently reminding me to be grateful for the overwhelming expansion of my life since my breast reduction and never forget the healing I’ve experienced as a result. Rather than taking this new normal for granted, I need to remember where I come from as a critical part of where I am going.

Fascinating, but I wanted to go deeper, so I pulled two cards from my deck-in-process, Frame This Oracle:


The Magician card is now framed by the “Start” card and the Queen of Cups is now framed by the “Watchers” card.

Oh, my—how keenly this focuses the message for me!

The Start frame further reinforces the Magician’s message that the only real benefit to this program is that it is new: it has the capacity to invigorate and enliven my personal wellness journey. But, newness only goes so far, and it would be a mistake to start something new just for the sake of adventure without finishing my current cycles.

The Watchers frame around the Queen of Cups offers a deeper (and subtly more disturbing) communication: I am being watched by others. This speaks to two levels: on a human level, it tells me there are people around me who are watching my actions to both follow in my footsteps and also to judge my missteps—so be warned. On a spiritual level, the Watchers are those beings outside of humanity who do not directly intercede in my own and humanity’s activities, but who nevertheless are watching our unfoldment closely. These Watchers are telling me from their distant and much more objective perspective that, although they have no personal investment in my decision or actions, from their outside vantage point it would be better for me to pause, reflect, and further cultivate my current course—finishing the journey I started instead of stepping off the cliff and looking for the next promise of a magic bullet. Continue on the maybe less thrilling but tried and proven path of doing the hard work to heal what’s internal, at my core, rather than focusing on the external. The Watchers remind me that wellness is much more than purely material, and if they who are little concerned with the ephemeral are watching me, beware that which fades. One of my favorite aspects of the Watchers frame is how this very impersonal, other-dimensional, and even alien perspective is critical to broadening my earthbound myopic viewpoint. To the Watchers, we humans are but adjacent curiosities, and thus their point of view reminds me that my life is but spectacle on the brief stage of physicality–a mere snap, and then I’m gone. Which is more vital, working ever harder to achieve a body that might be more optimally well someday, or what is well with my soul now? That is what the Watchers and the Queen of Cups advise me to concern myself with, not what will heal but what will make me whole?


The Covid-19 Reading

Since the arrival of Covid-19 to the worldwide scene, I have remained largely silent about the virus. Much of my personal exploration and spiritual excavation since the WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic on March 11, 2020, has been precisely that: Personal. With so many expressing and enforcing their opinions both online and in-person, I found myself adopting the wisdom of Epictetus:

“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”

I remained engaged yet quiet, instead choosing to listen, wonder, mull over, and (most vitally) notice. When some contacted me for help/insight—largely because I wrote The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness, a tarot deck that seems uniquely appropriate for addressing our modern concerns—I redirected them back to using the tarot to consult their own inner reservoir of truth and understanding rather than relying on my own or another’s interpretations.

It is not nor ever will be my place to tell others what to think or how to live; I view tarot as a personal tool, not a gimmick to give us advice that we may then attach significance to and use to absolve ourselves from personal responsibility and volition. When we are afraid, we want to be shielded and told what to do. When we are angry, we look for justifications to act out. When we are isolated, we seek solidarity and agreement from others to reassure us. As I processed through my own experience of Covid-19 and the resultant world changes, I recognized the essentiality of my own continued reflection rather than reaction.

Until the day I found myself drawing cards from five different tarot decks and one oracle deck to (at last) explore in-depth the broader consequences and implications of Covid-19.

For this reading, I used a deliberately diverse array of tarot decks:


1st Deck: Forest of Enchantment Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone & Meraylah Allwood

2nd Deck: Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski Barbessi & Karen Boginski

3rd Deck: The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness by Juno Lucina & Monica Knighton

4th Deck: Kingdom Within Tarot by Juno Lucina & Shannon ThornFeather

5th Deck: Insight Tarot by Stanislav Reshetnikov


For each card, I wrote down a condensed version of what the accompanying deck’s booklet says about its meaning—I did not add my own ideas or interpretations but instead used the words and language contained in each deck’s guidebook about every card to convey the meaning. By placing these five different interpretations of the same card from five different decks next to each other, it gives further insight into the message revealed by each card aside from personal bias or opinion. I have not written down my thoughts today; since the 3rd and 4th are my own decks, I simply summarized what I originally wrote in the accompanying books so many years ago without present addition or alteration.


Finally, for each of the four cards, I randomly choose a “frame” from my own oracle-in-process, entitled Frame This Oracle. This oracle deck is made of up 25 Frames—each a visual representation of a dimension, viewpoint, or perspective of existence—to help us refocus the window of our attention upon the communication source of each particular card’s message for us. Who (or what) is communicating to us through the “frame” of this card, and what do they want us to see that we might be missing from our own limited point of view? Since I am creating this oracle right now, these messages have been channeled afresh rather than copied from a pre-existing book.

**Please Note: The actual oracle card frames for Frame This Oracle are in the process of illustration. The mock-ups presented in this reading are my own inartistic practical dummies that I’m using for informational purposes only.**

This is obviously an extremely time-intensive reading method, and I’ve written down both the reading and each deck’s shortened message below from which you may glean your own insights and understanding as you wish:


Card One: The Truth about Covid-19

7 of Swords

1st Deck: Seven of Challenges—“There is danger afoot.” Sneakiness, secrets, strategy, using your wits to get what you want, a lapse of ethics. The pleasure of stealing is enhanced by the pleasure of making fools of unwary innocents. Something going on behind your back—someone trying to get away with something by cheating or outright threat. You feel you are safe, so you’ve relaxed your vigilance. Have you violated your own ethical values?

2nd Deck: Seven of Swords—Challenges, responsibility, and personal development. Amoral instinct; doing what you want because you want it. The shepherd abandons the sheep because he failed to protect his flock. Shameful behavior, irresponsibility, running away from the scene of a crime. Abdication of responsibility. Mental excuses and rationalization for abandoning duty. Harm arising from excuses and lies. Stolen power of the sword. Self-deception, rationalizing bad behavior, thinking you’re getting away with something. The mistaken belief someone is too weak or bad to be anything but a terrible, corrupt person. Valuable lessons can be taken from negative circumstances.

3rd Deck: 7 of Swords—Futility. Good intentions and high ideals are insufficient. Watch out for betrayal, public misinformation, liars, and thieves. Lost causes. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. All the positive energy in the world doesn’t feed the starving, raise the dead, or make a bipartisan congress. The Moon in Aquarius (High Priestess with the Star card) tends to lose things—from health, to relationships, to causes. Aligning with impossible dreams, losing track of the abuse you put your body through in your pursuit of a world without abuse. Being a dreamer is a beautiful thing, but when we close our eyes to the truths of existence in the process, our efforts become unstable and fruitless. Watch for broken promises, lies, and misinformation from those upon whom you rely for health support. Be careful of being robbed blind in the name of health care. The financial help you are expecting will not be what was promised. Issues with digestion, blood circulation, mucous membranes, and feminine cycles.

4th Deck: Seven of Swords—Unstable effort arising from impossible dreams and good intentions. A hopeless idealist who is easily fooled and joins losing causes. Beware of over-thinking and rationalizing everything while deceiving oneself and lying to others. Fear of ultimate failure lies underneath futile devotion.

5th Deck: Seven of Swords—Trickery and diplomacy dangerously close to scam and lies. An attempt to find a solution to a complicated situation, to avoid conflict, and to get what is desired with the help of some tricks and schemes. Be smart, think several steps ahead, and employ strategic “subterfuges.” The question is how big a lie is it, and what kind of consequences may be brought? Seven of Swords is crooked; it raises the question of plausibility of intentions and ethics of actions. There will be a test on how effective your mind is, and that you will have to seek solutions to an uneasy situation. Deviousness, flexibility, preparing for a “long con,” dishonesty, treachery, manipulations, escaping from responsibility, attempts to avoid direct talk, stockpiling of distracting explanations.

FRAME: Individuality

The frame of Individuality shows how the 7 of Swords (and for whom) this card is manifesting in our lives. The issues and ideas discussed by the 7 of Swords reveal that Individuals (both our own internal responses and those of individual experts) are not to be trusted—on the subject of Covid-19, individuals are coming from a manipulative, untrustworthy, dishonest place. Individually, we are being intellectually (swords) dishonest and using Covid-19 to challenge (also swords) other individuals. This card is not speaking from a place of groups or systems—the Covid-19 problem is not “the government” or “this political party” or “the experts”—the problem is each individual’s dishonesty with him- or her-self and each other, as well as individual fear for oneself. We are dishonest with ourselves first and therefore cannot accurately recognize the dishonesty of the individuals we have decided to trust (the fox is in the henhouse—it’s our own experts/our own echo chamber that becomes our individual problem). Also, we are lying to ourselves about how incredibly unique each individual and their situation is, dishonestly lumping everything and everyone without distinction together to make far-reaching decisions from our own individual (and thus limited) perspectives. We are harming individuals in the name of the collective. The All at the expense of the one.

Card Two: The Ideological/Political Left

Queen of Cups

1st Deck: Weaver of Visions—Crossing from one state of being to another, acting on imagination and intuition rather than logic or analysis. Dreamy, empathic, emotionally sensitive, devoted to those they love, changeable, moody, hypersensitive, passive, plays the victim, overwhelmed by emotions and needs of others, tending toward depression.

2nd Deck: Queen of Cups—Concerned with nurturing and the woman’s role in society. Pictures Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams. Emotional, supportive, helps others thrive. Compassionate and sensitive to needs of others leads to feeling emotionally drained and depleted. Limited self-identity. At risk of “empty nest syndrome.”

3rd Deck: Queen of Cups—Fiercely protective, nurturing, empathetic, and sentimental. The way to healing is churning within you, but not yet ready to manifest—remain passive. Watch out for the Avenger archetype rearing her powerful head in your psyche: when we hold a grudge or seek revenge for perceived slights, we also can make ourselves sick with all that negative energy coursing through us. Examine your ailments to see if this is actually the root of your dis-ease. Watch for illnesses of the distinctly feminine organs of the body. Your physical body is the vessel for your spiritual gifts—don’t forget what’s most important and view your spirit as subservient to the needs of the body.

4th Deck: Queen of Cups—Mother, Healer, Avenger. The world as one living organism: Gaia, Anima Mundi, World Soul, Mother Earth. Churning potency that needs to be tempered—be passive in the matter at hand, as the timing is not right. Passively allowing external forces to initiate a powerful emotional and retaliatory reaction—often one that is out of control. Restraint is required at this time.

5th Deck: Queen of Cups—The most susceptible Queen, and limitlessly feminine. Water takes the form of any vessel, and so the Queen alters herself to fit the present situation. Lives in a world of sensations, impressions, visions, and fantasies—her deep emotional perception becomes her main criterion to define the world. Not very practical, but otherworldly in her intuition. Support, care, understanding, empathy. Driven by mood and internal state.

FRAME: Decency

The frame of Decency reveals the lens from which those on the left are acting: common decency, doing what feels right on a gut level no matter how laws or intellectual arguments or personal rights might seem to contradict. Standing up for what feels right regardless of argument, morality, ethics, or what others think. Focusing on being right rather than doing or having what is right. Their idea of right and wrong is an extension of what they know in their gut/heart/being and they are willingly sacrificing themselves in the name of common decency (“common” as in what we all share). Much more focused on the common good than individual good.

Card Three: The Ideological/Political Right

5 of Swords Reversed

1st Deck: Five of Challenges—Fives get things moving again. “You must choose your battles.” Dangerous not because he’s evil, but because he’s BIG. With a short temper. He’s giving you one chance to get out of his space before he deals with you. A situation where you might be overestimating your chances against an opponent. Being quicker in an argument doesn’t work—don’t equate slowness with stupidity or harmlessness. Stay on the alert. Overwhelming odds. A fight you can’t win. Choose your battles to live another day.

2nd Deck: Five of Swords—Fives bring trouble, instability, and unpredictability. Trying to help in a hostile environment. Ideas and speech used as weapons of power, often based on deception, twisted arguments or propaganda, little to do with objective truth or ethical standards. Facing an opponent who has the upper hand by shameless, unscrupulous methods. Ideas and speech no longer work as effective weapons. Loss and defeat arising from trying to play by the rules against a dishonorable opponent. Over-estimated abilities. How to handle defeat in a hostile environment, where all that matters is winning (or attaining power) even if it’s by ruthless, unjust, or unethical means. Bullying. Selfish and unsympathetic: doesn’t care who gets hurt or what gets destroyed in the process. Fear of being victimized, bullied, or being weak. Insecurity—harm others before they harm you mentality. Doesn’t matter who wins because nothing is resolved. Why can’t we all just get along?

3rd Deck: 5 of Swords—Longing. You feel defeated and hopeless because of your failure to accomplish your dreams. You may be wrong about these lost ideals: reconsider if losing a part must mean losing the whole. Watch for opening your life to too many options or becoming a recluse as you withdraw from your losses.

4th Deck: Five of Swords—Feeling defeated and hopeless because of failure to accomplish dreams. Mourning and refusing to let go. Failure to see the others as they truly are. Pent up, lonely, and need to get out more. Unexpressed anger at the root of grief.

5th Deck: Five of Swords—Provocation of the worst qualities. Period of aggressive, destructive thinking embittered by the craving for revenge. Escalation of conflict and hostility. Victory will not please either winner—there is a lot of poison, and it will hurt both the defeated and the victor. A devastating defeat; consequences of vile thoughts and deeds.

FRAME: Ethics

The frame of Ethics suggests those on the political right are acting in accordance with the external order/hierarchy that is larger than this particular situation and moment in time. They assert that harming the individual for the good of the collective is never justified—there are choices and there is taking responsibility for actions and consequence—therefore, their emphasis is on personal choice and acting from a code of conduct and personal responsibility, regulated by oneself rather than others.

Card Four: Final Outcome for All


1st Deck: The Oldest One—The forest is old and full of stories, and every traveler who passes through adds a story strand to the web. With age comes the ability to see the big picture. Having a historical perspective is reassuring in times of trouble, and having a mythological or religious perspective helps us find meaning in our lives. Find our shared humanity in the stories handed down to us from prior generations. Teaching, traditions, wise counsel, true authority and expertise.

2nd Deck: Hierophant—Hasmal, the fire-breathing angel who burns away incorrect teachings and beliefs. Understanding the value of tradition; traditional ways are proven to work. Following the rules. Influences institutions have had on life. Having an established belief system. Being part of a particular group or organization—group identification. Over-reliance on the prescribed way of doing something. Rigidity in thought or action. Tribalism. Dependence and loyalty to one’s group that leads to an intolerance of others. Embrace the wisdom of those who have come before you.

3rd Deck: Hierophant—”Civilization begins with order, grows with liberty and dies with chaos.”—Will Durant. Take responsibility for your body and the current condition of your health. Warns you’ve lost control of your health because of your failure to “have” yourself as you are (in contrast to what you wish you were, want others to believe you are, or what you believe you should be). Illnesses arising from insufficient resources. Slow recovery. Dis-eases arising from self-limiting beliefs, insecurity, guilt, and overwork. Reclaim possession of your own life, stop depending on the experts or those in power to save you.

4th Deck: Hierophant—Problems arising from the need for security and lack of resources at the foundation as well as the control society exerts over us. Time to trust different experts. Stuck in the monotony of day-to-day survival, unable and/or unwilling to enjoy one’s blessings, weighed down by the obligations of pleasing those in authority.

5th Deck: Hierophant—Necessity for the wisdom of our predecessors. Recognize in ourselves what prevents evolution and what rectifies it. A warning to never let yourself believe that you have obtained the truth—as soon as you imagine you know something, you will cease to be open for a living study, cutting off the oxygen supply for the truth to breathe. To follow one’s conscience is hard: to live in conflict between the truth that the heart knows and the other one that we call “the truth of life.” Practice what you preach. Need for wisdom in regulating the entire system.

FRAME: Guardians

The Guardians frame tells us about the higher message from those spirits who protect and guard us: angels, spirit guides, spirit animals, ascended masters, departed loved ones. Our guardians are telling us through the Hierophant card that society itself has changed irrevocably and is continuing to shift—it will neither return to what it once was nor become what we imagine it should be. From a broader spiritual perspective, we are all of us together creating a new world born of our agreements and disagreements and shall get exactly what we deserve, in contrast to what we wish. The flawed past is past but when we reshape it in our own present image we do so to our own future detriment, for out of those ancient stories and myths our present finds its stability. This is neither good nor bad, but it is true. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that new human societies on the other side of Covid-19 will be precisely what we are enacting as well as both our reward and punishment. Where we are going as a collective will continue to strip away our individual lies as the lack of societal cohesion removes our distractions and ability to effectively hide from the truth of ourselves and what we are about anymore. We can’t rely on society to save us—we each must save ourselves. It was always such, but Covid-19 and our society’s response will continue to force many more of us to confront this truth. We are being protected, but not from ourselves.

**Interested in the decks I used for this reading?  Here are links to each on Amazon for you to explore further:**

1st Deck: Forest of Enchantment Tarot by Lunaea Weatherstone & Meraylah Allwood

2nd Deck: Influence of the Angels Tarot by Jody Boginski Barbessi & Karen Boginski

3rd Deck: The Healing Tarot: 78 Ways to Wellness by Juno Lucina & Monica Knighton

4th Deck: Kingdom Within Tarot by Juno Lucina & Shannon ThornFeather

5th Deck: Insight Tarot by Stanislav Reshetnikov

Frames: Frame This Oracle is an oracle in process of creation by Juno Lucina (not yet available–follow me on social media and/or join my email list for updates!)

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